First Class Sites Await in Colorful Moscow

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Opulently First Class Architecture at the Kremlin Citadel

Feel Like a Tsar by Heading to the Kremlin Citadel After a First Class Flight - IFlyFirstClass

There’s so much to see at the Kremlin complex that you could spend every minute there once your first class flight lands. Its mixture of ornate and somber architecture reflects the country’s various historical periods. Here, you’ll find the shining, gold-capped domes of Cathedral of the Dormition and the somber-looking State Kremlin Palace. There are four cathedrals in the complex, including the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which is now a fascinating museum. The Cathedral of the Archangel, the burial site of several medieval leaders, is also within the citadel area. Many of the Kremlin Citadel walls and towers erected in the late 15th century still surround the complex and offer hours of captivating exploration. In spite of the tremendous number of Kremlin squares, cathedrals, churches, towers, palaces and museums open to the public, it’s only a third of the entire citadel.

Experience the Heart of Moscow Society in First Class Red Square

Red Square Features Some of Moscow’s First Class Historic Sites - IFlyFirstClass

Across from the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower is one of Moscow’s most recognizable structures, the colorfully enticing St. Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral is now a museum, and its colorfully patterned onion domes remind us of the country’s vibrant past. The cathedral museum should be just one stop on your visit to historic Red Square. The square has been the gathering place for generations of Muscovites, from Medieval peddlers and Soviet-era soldiers to present-day concert-goers. Lenin’s Mausoleum is on the square, as are the treasured Kazan Cathedral and the popular GUM department store. The square also bears the tribute statue to Minin and Pozharsky, the leaders of the 1612 militia that warded off Polish invaders.

Fallen Monument Park Is a Unique Way To See First Class Soviet Statues

Fallen Monument Park Is a Unique Way To See First Class Soviet Statues - IFlyFirstClass

Fallen Monument Park is actually Muzeon Park. It became a de facto repository of the many Lenin and Stalin statues that populated the region’s Communist countries during the Cold War. The collection of Soviet-era statues grew throughout the 1990s. As time progressed, artists began placing statues commemorating victims of the Soviet Union in the park as well. There’s also a special section of the park honoring the valiant soldiers of World War II, or the Great Patriotic War. The park presents an unexpected and unusual glimpse into the country’s cultural and artistic sensibilities. It’s also a nice chance to stroll through the park-like setting and enjoy the city’s ambiance. 

Get a First Class Lesson in Russian History in Kolomenskoye

Summer Palaces and Stone Age Settlements in Kolomenskoye Offer a First Class Lesson in Russian History - IFlyFirstClass

There’s a wealth of Russian history and architecture to be found in Kolomenskoye, with artifacts dating back to the Stone Age. The 630-acre site encompasses the remains of the 2,500-year-old Dyakovo Settlement and other important historic sites. In the 14th and 18th centuries, the area was a muster site to important Russian armies, and it became a summer home for the tsars and their families. It was also an instrumental site during the “Time of Troubles.” Today, the village is home to the 16th-century white stone Church of the Ascension, one of the first churches in the country to depart from Byzantine architecture. It also houses St. George the Victorious Bell Tower, the Hunting Pavilion and a 17th-century water tower. In all, there are 17 “architectural monuments” here, many of which were part of the 16th-century tsars’ estates. Four historic wooden structures were moved from other areas of the country to the Kolomenskoye site.