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Ellis Island Welcomed Millions of Immigrants Traveling Second and First Class to America

Fly to New York in business class to experience Ellis Island. - IFlyFirstClass

Chose your first class seat well, and you may get a peek at Ellis Island before stepping foot in New York. This cherished landmark is the symbol of American openness, welcoming 12 million people in 62 years. While no longer in service as the entry point to America, Ellis Island remains a vital part of U.S. history. Visitors can enjoy a free half-hour guided tour of the island’s buildings, including the Great Hall’s Registry Room. Various other rooms and facilities are also included in the tour, and the museum is especially fascinating. Adventurous visitors can add a “hard-hat” tour of the island’s hospital and laundry, both undergoing refurbishment. Many harbor tours take visitors to Ellis Island and offer trips to the Statue of Liberty as well.

A Visit to The Met Makes a Business Class Trip to New York Special

First Class Deals to New York Are Better With a Day Spent at The Met - IFlyFirstClass

It’s tough to convey the size and breadth of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, affectionately known as The Met. The museum’s art and artifacts span 5,000 years of history, from the Bronze Age to the modern era. The Met actually encompasses three locations, but The Met’s Fifth Avenue site is the main hub. Known for its gorgeous Beaux Arts architecture, the building contains countless exhibits. You’ll find paintings by Matisse and Renoir, sculptures by Degas, the Temple of Dendur and Medieval armor. There are photos by Stieglitz and Arbus, Australian rock paintings, a Roman sarcophagus and thousands of other artifacts. When you’re booking your first class tickets to New York, be sure to budget at least a full day for The Met. You can enjoy EmptyMet tours before the museum officially opens, explore the museum and refresh in The Met’s many cafes and bars

Hop Off Your Business Class Flight to Explore the Iconic Brooklyn Bridge

 Leave room in your business class flight itinerary to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and check out trendy Brooklyn. - IFlyFirstClass

A testament to New York ingenuity, innovation and engineering, the Brooklyn Bridge is a New York icon. Spanning the East River and connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn, the bridge is just more than a mile long. The bridge’s steel suspension construction was the longest of its kind when it opened in 1883. It’s a spectacular stroll for visitors, offering the perfect way to see the city skyline and walk on a history-making bridge. It’s also a perfect way to stretch your legs after a long business class flight to New York. Walking along the bridge, it’s easy to imagine life in New York over the past 13 decades. Dozens of important historical events have taken place on the span, from elephant parades to presidential caravans. 

National 9 11 Memorial Gives Meaning to a First Class Trip

Discover New York and American Resilience with a First Class Visit to the National 9 11 Memorial. - IFlyFirstClass

Most Americans can clearly recall what they were doing when New York’s twin towers were attacked. The National 9/11 Memorial gives visitors a glimpse into what New Yorkers were doing that day. From the heroic actions of the city’s first responders to civilian acts of bravery, all of 9/11’s victims and survivors are honored here. Tranquil reflecting pools now sit where the twin towers once stood, rimmed with waterfalls and bronze engravings of the 2,996 victims’ names. The site also includes a thoughtful museum featuring timelines and personal stories about the attacks. Films and special talks detailing the events and their significance to American culture are offered throughout the day. If your kids are traveling with you on your business class trip to New York, be sure they’re old enough to handle the memorial visit. The National 9/11 Memorial website offers excellent information for talking with kids about the site.