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Skip the Business Class Flight to Anatolia: Near East Antiquities Fill the Pergamon

Book an open-ended business class flight to Berlin so you can enjoy the countless Pergamon Museum treasures. - IFlyFirstClass

You could spend a full week touring all of the attractions located on Berlin’s Museum Island in the middle of town. If you only have one day, though, go to the Pergamon Museum. Its antiquities collection from Mesopotamia, Babylon and other Near East sites is unparalleled. The lush and vibrant art and stately artifacts you’ll find here almost put the luxuries you enjoyed on your business class flight to shame. Here, you’ll see the entire Pergamon Altar, constructed in the second century B.C.E. The stairway leading up to the ancient altar alone is 66 feet wide, and the rest of the monumental display is equally grand. You’ll also see Babylon’s Gate of Ishtar and the Market Gate of Miletus. The museum also houses a beautiful Islamic art collection featuring the Mshatta Facade from one of the Desert Castles of Jordan. 



From Pampered First Class Flights to Austere Cold War Life at the DDR

Experiencing everyday life in Socialist Germany at the DDR Museum is just another reason to snag a last minute flight to Berlin. - IFlyFirstClass

Imagine life not as you live it now with plush business class flights and plenty of creature comforts. Instead, picture living in East Germany during the Cold War. That’s the premise of the DDR Museum. The museum is designed as a scaled version of one of the stark, prefab high-rise apartment buildings common to socialist East Germany. Thoroughly interactive, everything about the museum is focused on giving you the experience of daily life in the German Democratic Republic. Spaces replicate living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms of East German apartments. These rooms are yours to roam, with “artifacts” tucked in drawers, closets and cupboards. Stasi surveillance bugs are tucked into unexpected places, and you can overhear a prisoner interrogation. You can even hop in a typical GDR-era Trabi car to travel through a mock East German housing development. 

No Business Class Luxuries at the Topography of Terror

No Business Class Luxuries at the Topography of Terror - IFlyFirstClass

The Topography of Terror Documentation Center is located on the site of the former Nazi SS and Gestapo headquarters and the Third Reich security force. Originally known for its address, Prinz-Albrecht-Straße 8, it was also the site of a “house prison” where citizens were interrogated and tortured from 1933 to 1945. The museum explores how the Third Reich rose to power and how Nazi followers used fear and persecution to control the populace. Stories of individuals affected during the Nazi era are presented in moving and captivating ways. Topography of Terror is just one of many newer museums and historic sites opening to the public. With abundant deals available for business class flights to Berlin, you can trek over here every few years to experience these new attractions.

First Class Views on Tap at the Reichstag

 First Class Views on Tap at the Reichstag - IFlyFirstClass

Like much of Germany, the Reichstag building is a compelling blend of historic architecture and modern creativity. The imposing building was created in the late 1800s to house the German Diet, or parliament. It was burned in 1933 and abandoned after the war. With German reunification, the gorgeous building was restored to its original purpose, with a few notable changes. Some historic artifacts were left in place during the site's reconstruction, including World War II-era Soviet soldier graffiti. Also new to the historic building is a modern glass dome erected in place of the Reichstag’s destroyed cupola. Visitors can walk on the spiral ramps around the edge of the dome for stunning views of the city. Pre-registration is required, so schedule your visit at the same time you book your first class flight to Berlin.