Taipei Abounds in First Class Pleasures

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Royal Holidays: First Class Flights and Longshan Temple

a first class flight to Taipei for pleasure or business - IFlyFirstClass

Revel in the traditional architecture and beautiful mix of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist statues at Longshan Temple. The 18th-century temple complex is tucked into the heart of the city’s taller buildings, creating a lively gathering place for people from around the world. Overlooking the temple complex from the temple rooftop are intricately carved dragons and phoenix adorned with mosaic tiles and porcelain. Although it is a Buddhist temple, the local acceptance of other religions is seen in Taoist and Confucian artistic influences. Beautiful paintings cover the temple walls; bronze dragon columns guard the central doorway, and statues of various gods are erected throughout the halls. Whether you’ve taken a first class flight to Taipei for pleasure or business, make time to see Longshan Temple.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Cheap First Class Flight To Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - IFlyFirstClass

Taiwan has a complicated history and relationship with mainland China, and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall honors the president who led the country through most of those difficult times. Located in the Zhongzheng District, the CKS memorial hall is the focal point of the popular Liberty Square, where you’ll also find the National Concert Hall and National Theater buildings. You can see artifacts from Chiang Kai-shek’s life and learn about the history of Taiwan in the hall’s ground-floor museum. Even if your last minute business class flight only takes you to Taiwan for a day or two, a quick trip to the CKS Memorial Hall gives you a glimpse into Taiwan history and culture.

From Empire Ruins to First Class Cafes, Shida Night Market

From Empire Ruins to First Class Cafes,  Shida Night Market - IFlyFirstClass

Taipei is famous for its bustling night markets, and there are plenty of them to tempt your palate and your pocketbook. The Shida Night Market is known as the chic place to go after sundown, whether you want clothing, food or coffee. The stalls are set up along the alleyways feeding into Shi Da Road. It’s close to National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University so local and international students frequent this night market, giving it a youthful, energetic ambiance that’s different from heavily touristed night markets. You’ll have your pick of a few Western restaurants mixed in with several Taiwanese family-run establishments. You’ll also find plenty of local souvenirs to take home on your first class flight.

First Class Dining and Entertainment in National Palace Museum

Best First Class Flight to National Palace Museum in Taipei - IFlyFirstClass

You could spend hours, maybe even days, exploring the collections of ancient Chinese art and artifacts at the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s Shilin District. The artifacts span a period of 10,000 years of Chinese history. You’ll find amazing exhibits, from pottery created during the Neolithic Dawenkou period, 4300 to 2500 BCE, to Jade cups from the Western Han period, 206 BCE to 8 CE. Although the museum has a collection of more than 600,000 artifacts, only about 3,000 are on display at any given time. Pieces are routinely rotated into the exhibit, so there’s always something new to discover, even if you’ve traveled on business class flights to Taiwan many times.