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Enjoy first class flight to see a Whimsical Day with Gaudi

first class flight to Barcelona - IFlyFirstClass

After a long first class flight to Barcelona, you’ll want to stretch your legs and roam the city. Spending a day exploring the creations of Modernista architect Antoni Gaudi is the perfect solution. Your adventure begins at Gaudi’s Casa Battlo, where you’ll find a dragon on the rooftop terrace and see Gaudi’s sea-inspired facade. Next, Casa Mila is just four blocks away, and then you’ll head to the unforgettable Sagrada Familia Basilica. Sagrada Familia has 18 extraordinary spires, remarkably diverse facades and a fancifully colorful interior. You could spend a whole day exploring the basilica, but save time to enjoy the whimsically stunning Parc Güell. There, you find a Gaudi museum and dozens of mosaic sculptures and enticing green spaces.

Get First Class Tickets to see the Gothic Quarter

Fly  first class flight to The Gothic Quarter - IFlyFirstClass

It’s not often you get to see ancient Roman village remnants existing side-by-side with modern structures. That’s exactly what you’ll get in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gotic. It still has the old Roman labyrinthine streets, historic public squares and traditional street vendors. It also has some of the city’s best modern shopping, dining and nightlife. After a first class flight to Barcelona, many travelers prefer to jump right into Catalan culture by heading straight to the Barri Gotic. You’ll walk in the footsteps of Roman leaders in Placa Sant Jaume, see Roman wall ruins around the old Royal Palace and discover ancient Roman mosaic floors in the City History Museum. You’ll also see the gorgeous and historic Barcelona Cathedral.

Beautiful Aquarium Barcelona. First Class Tickets

Cheapest  first class flight to Aquarium in Barcelona - IFlyFirstClass

While your first class flight to Barcelona was likely to be luxurious, a trip to the Aquarium Barcelona provides another source of relaxation and peace. Feel like part of the sea as you walk along the 262-foot underwater tunnel. View the spectacular Oceanarium, where sharks, rays and ocean fish dwell. Explore the various Mediterranean Sea marine communities along the trail of 21 ecologically designed tanks. Discover the wonders of tropical sea life, and enjoy the aquarium’s 11,000 sealife creatures from 450 species. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll relish the chance to dive with the aquarium’s sharks. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to spend some time in the Explora! exhibit. There, kids can touch, feel and listen to undersea wonders. 

Experience First ClassTickets and Catalan Art at the National Museum

Pleasant first class flight to  Catalan Art at the National Museum - IFlyFirstClass

Barcelona is home to a mind-boggling 57 museums. If you’ve taken a first class flight to Barcelona before, you know how tough it can be to narrow down that museum list to a realistic sightseeing itinerary. While all the city’s museums are fascinating, a few are unforgettable, including the National Museum. Catalan art from the 12th century to the 20th century is beautifully displayed there, along with many Modernista works from Gaudi’s era. There’s also a spectacular Romanesque collection of murals rescued from crumbling 10th-century churches in the Pyrenees. A stunning collection of Gothic frescoes is also on display in the museum. The frescoes include the “Madonna of Humility” by Fra Angelico and works by Catalan masters such as Jaume Huguet.