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Book Business Class to See Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Book discounted business class tickets to Osaka to explore the fabulous aquarium - IFlyFirstClass

The festive atmosphere outside Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is an excellent hint at the wonders inside. The aquarium is located on the waterfront in the Tempozan Village Harbor. As one of the biggest aquariums in the world, Kaiyukan’s Pacific Rim display is particularly spectacular. It contains 15 tanks, each showcasing the sea life of a specific area. In the Antarctic tank, you’ll see penguins scampering through the icy depths. The Tasman Sea tank has Pacific whitesided dolphins zipping around. You’ll see a Japanese ocean forest, Aleutian Island otters and Monterey harbor seals. There are octopi, ethereal jellyfish, loggerhead turtles and schools of anchovies. The pinnacle of all the innovative Pacific Rim tanks is the Pacific Ocean display. Here, massive whale sharks and scalloped hammerhead sharks lazily swim in 5,400 tons of water. There are dozens of land animals, too, including capybara from Ecuador and Panamanian ring-tailed coatis. Make sure your return business class tickets leave you at least three hours to spend in the aquarium. After all, you’ll have more than 30,000 creatures to observe here.


Last Minute Flights to Osaka Should Always Include Visits to Shitennƍji Tennƍji-ku

Revel in Japanese gardens and architecture with discounted business class tickets to Osaka. - IFlyFirstClass

The oldest temple in Japan, Shitennƍji was originally built in the 6th century. It’s best known for its ancient Chinese layout and 6th-century Buddhist architecture. The outer temple grounds are stellar examples of Japanese landscape, and they’re free to explore. The temple’s notable buildings are located in the inner temple grounds, where you’ll pay a small entrance fee. There, you’ll enjoy the treasure house's scriptures, paintings and other artifacts. The five-story pagoda is colorful and appealing, a tall beacon to the temple itself. There are also some exquisite gardens in this inner precinct, including the Gokuraku-jodo Garden. It’s especially beautiful in the spring when the trees are blossoming. Actually, any time of year is a good time to visit. If your  tickets are scheduled for January, you can enjoy the Doya-Doya festival. In the fall, the temple hosts the Shiten’no-ji Wasso festival celebrating ancient Korean and Japanese trade. 

Hattori Ryokuchi Park Offers Tranquility After a Business Class Flight to Osaka

Take business class flights to Osaka to relish the sights, sounds and experiences of Hattori Ryokuchi. - IFlyFirstClass

While Osaka is a bustling metropolis, there are many beautiful outdoor spaces. Hattori Ryokuchi is a local favorite, filled with bamboo and pine forests, fields of flowers and many peaceful ponds. It’s a terrific place to breathe fresh air and stretch your legs after a long business class flight to Osaka. One of the park’s best features, though, is its open air museum of traditional Japanese farmhouses. The 11 houses hail from the Edo-period and were transplanted from around the country. You’ll see A-frame homes from Honshu's central region and southern L-shaped houses. There’s a house from Totsukawa Village and a Kabuki Theater from Shodoshima Island. You’ll also visit an old warehouse from Amami Oshima Island and an authentic 19th-century teahouse. The park also boasts several athletic fields and venues, including tennis courts. If you’re looking for a respite from the frenetic city pace, the park’s arboretum is a joy. It is filled with hundreds of camellias and herbs, providing a visual and aromatic feast for the senses. You may even be lucky enough to catch a live musical performance in the park’s amphitheater.

Relish Deals on Business Class Tickets to Osaka and Nara’s Todaiji Temple

Deals on business class tickets leave plenty of travel budget left for day trips to Todaiji Temple. - IFlyFirstClass

Just 22 miles from Osaka lies the ancient city of Nara. The city itself is a World Heritage site, and it’s a perfect day trip from Osaka. Enjoy the wildlife of the Deer Park and the peace of Kasuga Shrine. One of the biggest highlights of a trip to Nara, though, is a visit to Todaiji Temple. It was one of the most powerful temples in Japan and the lead Buddhist temple in the 8th century. Its most remarkable structure is the Big Buddha Hall, or the Daibutsuden. This hall is the largest wooden building in the world. The bronze Buddha statue in the hall is massive in its own right. The Buddha stands 49 feet tall and weighs more than 1.1 million pounds. Elsewhere around the hall, there are many other captivating sculptures and decorative pieces. Big Buddha Hall isn’t the only interesting structure at the temple though. The Lotus Hall, or Hokkedo, is one of the temple complex’s oldest surviving buildings. It, too, has some meaningful statues and features. In all, there are five additional notable buildings on the temple grounds, including an interesting museum. Whether you have a few short hours to explore or a whole day, a trip to Nara is a must when visiting Osaka. When you’re booking your discounted business class tickets, be sure to leave time for day trips to Nara.