From Palaces to Parks, Madrid Beckons Business Class Flights

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Planes to Thrones: Surrounded by Luxury with First Class Flights and Royal Palace Tours

Travel Like Royalty on Business Class Flights to Enjoy the Royal Palace of Madrid - IFlyFirstClass

If you’ve flown first class to Madrid, continue to indulge your senses by visiting the stunning Royal Palace of Madrid. Now used only for state functions, the palace sits on the land once occupied by the Alcázar, built in the 9th century. The palace as you see it today was built in the early 18th century and contains more than 3,400 rooms in 1.4 million square feet of space. Since Spanish monarchs supplied many of the art collections on display at the Prado Museum, it’s not surprising that the palace is filled with works of the masters. The royal art collections includes more than 3,500 paintings, 276 wall paintings, 6,000-plus sculptures and 3,000 tapestries and textiles. Several notable gardens surround the palace, including the Sabatini Gardens and the Campo del Moro Gardens. 

Tranquility Found with San Francisco El Grande Basilica and Business Class Flights

Grande Savings on Business Class to see Basilica de San Francisco El Grande - IFlyFirstClass

Magnificently located in Madrid’s La Latina neighborhood, the royal church is an awe-inspiring sight. Built in 1760, this grand basilica rests on revered land where St. Francis of Assisi built a monastery in 1217. Its 108-foot-diameter dome is the largest in Spain, surpassed in size only by three other domes in the world. In addition to its marvelous dome, the church brims with exhilarating features, from Goya’s painting of St. Francis to Casa Juan Guas’ exquisitely carved doors. If you booked one of our last minute deals on a business class flight to Madrid, you’ll appreciate that you can visit the basilica for free during morning mass. During these free times, however, the church museum is not open and Goya’s painting is unlit. 

Retiro Park is the Perfect Place to Relax After a Last Minute Flight to Madrid

 Live Royally With First Class Flights and a Trip to Madrid’s El Retiro - IFlyFirstClass

Experience the great outdoors in full Madrid style at Retiro Park, or El Retiro. The 350-acre park was once the private retreat of the royal family, and it features several spectacular sites. One of the grandest structures is the Monument to Alfonso XII, a curved colonnade gracing a large, peaceful pond. There’s also a beautiful cast-iron Glass Palace and the Velázquez Palace, both housing interesting art collections. You could spend days wandering Retiro's grounds, enjoying the statues along Paseo de las Estatuas, and relishing the colors and aromas of its numerous gardens. Whether you’ve taken your business class flight to Madrid for business or pleasure, a trip to El Retiro gives you a chance to relax, enjoy the weather and chat with locals.

Madrid Masterpieces: Business Class Deals to Madrid and the Prado Museum

Seeing World-Renowned Masterpieces Is Worth a Business Class Flight to Madrid - IFlyFirstClass

Prado Museum, near El Retiro, boasts some of Europe’s most captivating works of art. Here, you’ll see 12th- to 19th-century masterpieces such as Ruben’s “The Three Graces” and Rafael’s “The Cardinal.” As the national museum, the Prado also has an outstanding collection featuring some of Spain’s most celebrated artists, including El Greco, Goya, Jose de Ribera and Diego Velázquez. In fact, the museum is home to some of the largest collections of works by Goya, Rubens, Titian, Bosch and Velázquez. The museum hosts several top traveling exhibitions throughout the year, so there’s always something new to see or experience at the Prado. Even if you’ve enjoyed several business class flights to Madrid over the years, you can count on the Prado Museum to provide a unique, interesting experience at each visit.