A Royal Copenhagen Trip Begins with Business Class Seats

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Copenhagen Thrills: Copenhagen Amusement Parks and Cheap Last Minute Flights

Tivoli Gardens and “Bakken” amusement parks are two more reasons to book last minute flight deals to Copenhagen. - IFlyFirstClass

With two historic amusement parks here, you can combine your zeal for history with a few thrills. Dyrehavsbakken, established in 1583, is the oldest amusement park in the world. While the park is historic, its rides are modern and diverse. There are log rides, drop towers, kiddie rides and a famous wooden roller coaster built in 1932. For the second oldest amusement park in the world, head to the expansive Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli also boasts a beloved wooden roller coaster and dozens of other, more contemporary rides. A concert hall hosts touring bands and performers, and an aquarium showcases marine life. Several pavilions, open-air stages and theaters ensure that there’s always plenty of entertainment. There’s so much to enjoy at these amusement parks that they’re two of the most-visited parks in Europe. Give yourself a chance to enjoy them, too, by taking a last minute flight to Copenhagen.

Take a Business Class Flight to Pay Homage to The Little Mermaid

Book deals on business class seats to Copenhagen to see the legendary Langelinie quay. - IFlyFirstClass

Water plays an important role in Copenhagen’s past and its present. Nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s legendary waterfront, the Langelinie quay. It’s here that most visitors head after their business class flights land in Copenhagen. “The Little Mermaid” statue, based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story, overlooks the waterfront. The captivating setting here is enhanced by an appealing promenade and park. Gefion Fountain, the city’s largest fountain, soothes locals and visitors. Drop by at night to see the fountain beautifully illuminated. You can catch your cruise ship at Langelinie’s terminal or dock your own boat at the marina. Strolling along the promenade is a favorite local pastime, as is shopping in the many outlet stores.

Magnificence is Found in Rosenborg Castle and First Class Seats to Copenhagen

 Deals on first class tickets and tours of Rosenborg Castle give you a regal touch. - IFlyFirstClass

Copenhagen brims with beautiful and historic castles, and Rosenborg is one of the most stunning. Built in 1606 by Christian IV, the castle brims with opulence and pageantry. Along the castle tour, you’ll see Christian IV’s bedroom, his winter room and his writing room as well as the stair turret. The princess’ room, other kings’ rooms, the Bronze Room and the Marble Room are also stellar. Throughout the castle, the furnishings and architecture are spectacular. There are massive tapestries, silver baptismal fonts, coronation chairs and silk-covered walls. There are glass collections gifted to the king by Venice. There are crown jewels, royal portraits and busts of important figures. The castle is also known for its impressive gardens. They are the oldest royal gardens in the country and a favorite strolling spot for locals. If your business class flight made you feel like a king, a tour of the castle will cement that feeling.

Historic Citadel Is the Perfect Reason to Book a First Class Flight to Copenhagen

Strolling the picturesque Kastellet grounds should be one of your first stops after a business class flight to Copenhagen. - IFlyFirstClass

Kastellet, or The Citadel, is a historic fortress on Copenhagen’s inviting waterfront. Built in the 1600s, the Citadel is one of the best-preserved star fortresses in Europe. Although it remains an active defense outpost, most features are open to the public. You can explore the fortress’ two gates: the King’s Gate and the Norway Gate. The King’s Gate is especially grand, featuring an imposing moat and Dutch Baroque design. You can visit the stately Commander’s House, the church, the prison and the storage windmill. You can also explore two small museums on site. The National Monument of Remembrance is in the center of the fortress. The names of fallen soldiers are engraved in the monument. If you can, book your business class tickets to Copenhagen in August. This timing allows you to enjoy the Danish Royal Ballet’s open-air performance at The Citadel.