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Vatican Museums Features Business-Class Art

Experience the world’s most spectacular art with one business class ticket to Rome. - IFlyFirstClass

You can see some of the world’s most impressive art without booking an around-the-world business class flight. Once you’re in Rome, simply head to the Vatican museums. There, centuries-worth of papal art collections are on display. You’ll see Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Transfiguration within the 54 galleries. The collection includes some of the most treasured classical statues, including Prima Porta Augustus and Apollo and the nine muses. The site also houses Etruscan and Egyptian works, gardens and papal artifacts. To avoid crowds, especially in the Sistine Chapel, be sure to make advance reservations. If you’re visiting May to July or September to October, be sure to check out the Friday evening options. Live music and the night setting lend a unique air to the museum experience.

Long Before There Were Business Class Flights, There Was the Appian Way

 From modern-day business class flights to ancient Roman roads, you can enjoy centuries of travel innovations. - IFlyFirstClass

All roads lead to Rome, and one of the first of such paths was the Appian Way. Dating back to 312 B.C.E., the road extended 350 miles from the Roman Forum to Southern Italy’s Brindisi. Today, you can access the ancient highway section known as Via Appia Antica. Strolling along the Appian Way is a great way to work your muscles after a long business class flight to Rome. It’s also one of the best ways to imagine life in Ancient Rome. The road was where Spartacus launched the slave revolt. It is believed to be the site of Peter’s vision of Christ. It is also the site of captivating Roman family tombs. The road runs alongside many famous attractions, including the catacombs, Circus Maximus and Caracalla’s Baths.

Last Minute Flight Deals to Rome Encourage Trips to San Pietro in Vincoli

When you snag a last minute flight bargain to Rome, take the time to visit less-traveled sites like San Pietro in Vincoli. - IFlyFirstClass

There are dozens of basilicas filled with famous artworks in Rome, and San Pietro's value is often overlooked. If you want to avoid the crowds at the Sistine Chapel, San Pietro is a nice alternative. Its most celebrated artwork is Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in Pope Julius II’s tomb. The site’s history dates back to the 5th century B.C.E., created to contain Saint Peter’s imprisonment chains. Today, the chains are held in a reliquary beneath the church's altar. Several cardinals are entombed in the church, each with their own notable statues, frescoes and artwork. 

Baths of Diocletian Were the Original Business-Class Luxuries of Roman Society

 A visit to the Baths of Diocletian is a deal rivaled only by business class flight deals to Rome. - IFlyFirstClass

Step into the world of Maximian, circa 298 C.E., at the famed Baths of Diocletian. Once the largest of bathhouses, the complex's many structures were converted to religious buildings over the centuries. The resulting blend of buildings gives visitors a chance to experience many of Rome’s historic periods. In addition to some of the original bathing rooms, you’ll see the Epigraphic Museum and the Protohistoric Museum. You’ll also see the Garden of the Five Hundred, the Charterhouse and Michelangelo’s Cloister. Countless statues, sarcophogi, documents, illustrations, columns and bath relics are contained within the complex. Best of all, the entrance fee is minimal and includes the entire complex and entrance to adjacent Palazzo Massimo and Palazzo Altemps. Enjoy your trip to Rome with discounted business class tickets.