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Create a Chic Trip to Incheon with Business Class Flights

 Business class flights to Incheon lead to beaches, temples and theme parks. - IFlyFirstClass

The cosmopolitan city of Incheon has everything you need for a world-class holiday. The city boasts a busy port and a scenic skyscraper skyline. It’s also chock-full of things to see and activities to experience. If you prefer beach vacations, ferry over to Incheon’s small island of Muuido. There, you can find lovely beaches, hills covered in vineyards and enchanting wetlands. Yeongjongdo Island is also a great place to cavort on the beach, stroll through a sculpture park or play a round of golf. The island also offers plenty of spas, shops and restaurants as well as a popular compact smart city development. While in Incheon, kids relish discovering delightful activities at the Children’s Museum and the Dream Park. Travelers of all ages are awed by the historic Jeondeungsa temple. As the third largest city in South Korea, Incheon is a popular and easily accessed destination. Book your discounted business class tickets for Incheon International Airport located on beautiful Yeongjongdo Island.

Take a First Class Flight to Korea to Relish the Highlights of Gyeongju

Revel in the ancient history and natural wonder of Gyeongju with first class flights to Busan. - IFlyFirstClass

On Korea’s southeast coast, Gyeongju beckons with its many ancient sites and marine activities. Bulguksa Temple is the city’s most famous temple, built by the Silla Kingdom in 528 C.E. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the temple encompasses several important cultural relics, including its stone pagodas and ancient bridges. Its Seokguram Grotto is particularly compelling. You can continue your ancient explorations with a visit to the renowned Cheomseongdae observatory. Built in 632 C.E., Cheomseongdae is the oldest observatory in Asia. Elsewhere in Gyeongju, you can browse in the Gyeongju National Museum and admire Donggung Palace. You can see the 1500-year-old Bunhwangsa temple ruins and wander through Gyeongju National Park. You can see these and other Gyeongju treasures by booking business class seats to Busan or Ulsan airports.

Luxuriate in Life’s Pleasures with B usiness Class Flights to Jeju Island

 Last minute business flights to Jeju Island lead to delightful holidays. - IFlyFirstClass

The towering centerpiece of Jeju Island is the dormant volcano Hallasan, standing 6,400 feet tall. With its colorful fields of spring wildflowers and beautiful crater lake, the volcano is a big draw. Its Manjanggul Cave is one of the world’s longest lava tubes. The volcano’s basalt rocks also helped lead to one of Jeju Island’s most iconic features. In the 18th century, these rocks were carved into grandfather stone statues. The statues are scattered around the island, but you can find a good collection of them at Bukchon Dol Hareubang Park. The island’s gorgeous beaches are also popular, especially with honeymooners. Playing to this demographic is the island’s Loveland adult theme park. There are many other things to do on the island, including Seongeup folk village and hiking to the many majestic waterfalls. Jeju Island has its own international airport, so there are plenty of business class deals available.

Find Deals on Business Class Flights to Pyeongchang for a Winter Wonderland

Explore the beauty of the Pyeongchang region with business class flights. - IFlyFirstClass

Winter sports take center stage at Pyeongchang, and they’re even more alluring with preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The region’s Taebaek Mountains offer thrilling downhill skiing and other snow sports. Its fourth highest peak, Mount Odaesan, also boasts a popular national park full of recreation and touring options. If you want to see incredible fall foliage, Odaesan National Park is the place to go. The Pyeongchang region is also filled with treasured Buddhist temples. The immense Woljeongsa Temple is known for its nine-story pagoda, Seongbo Museum and Stone Seated Buddha. There are numerous other sites to visit in the Pyeongchang region, including the Daegwallyeong sheep ranch and Yongpyong's water park, Peak Island. You can get to gorgeous Pyeongchang by searching for business class deals to Incheon Airport.