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Save on Business Class to Shaanxi Province To Explore Ancient China

Book business class seats to Xian to explore China’s ancient history. - IFlyFirstClass

This northwestern province of China has a fascinating and illustrious history. It’s the origin of the Silk Road, the seat of ancient dynasties and the site of prehistoric Lantian Man. Xi’an is the region’s most well-known city, home to the incredible Terracotta Army. It’s an awe-inspiring spot, with thousands of soldier statues standing ready for the past 2,220 years. Xi’an is home to other compelling landmarks too. Visit the 7th-century Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, ancient Xi’an City Wall and Tang Dynasty Great Mosque. Explore the 14th-century Bell Tower and impressive Drum Tower. Marvel at the relic Xingjiao Temple pagoda and Weiyang Palace. Outside Xi’an, you’ll find other attractions such as Famen Temple and Mount Huashan. Mount Huashan sports the world’s most dangerous hiking trail. You can enjoy these and many more captivating sites in Shaanxi Province. Simply book business class deals for flights to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.

Take Business Class Flights to Chengdu for Giant Panda Adventures

 Enjoy last minute flights to Chengdu to see the Giant Pandas. - IFlyFirstClass

The enchanting Giant Pandas are the biggest lure to Chengdu in China’s Sichuan Basin. Chengdu’s Giant Panda Breeding Base is an incredible opportunity to see the endangered pandas up close. Set on Futou Mountain, the breeding center allows pandas to roam bamboo forests and hills. Walking trails run alongside panda locations so visitors can view Giant Pandas and red pandas in natural habitats. Back in Chengdu, there are dozens of other excellent attractions. You can shop, skate and see an IMAX movie at the massive and glitzy New Century Center. You can also shop along the traditional pedestrian shopping streets of Jinli and Chunxi. The Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is always a treat, and People’s Park is a delight. At night, be sure to head to the Jianjian Bridge to see the historic structure and stellar lights. On the outskirts of town, visit the Tang Dynasty home of poet Du Fu and the ancient Dujiangyan irrigation system. Getting to Chengdu is simple. Search for cheap first class flights to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

Business Class Flights to Shenzhen Put You in the Center of the Fun

Book last minute business class flights to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. - IFlyFirstClass

You may not automatically think of visiting Shenzhen while planning your business class flight to China. A trip to Shenzhen, though, is well worth your time. It’s tucked between Hong Kong and Guangzhou on the Pearl River Delta, and it’s full of postcard-perfect views. The Splendid China Folk Village is an interesting theme park to explore Chinese culture. There’s also a Window on the World theme park featuring miniatures of global landmarks. See historic Hakka-style buildings at the Longgang Museum of Hakka Culture. Take the whole family to the Happy Valley amusement park. Revel in the colorful Chinese art in Dalen Village. Shenzhen’s convenient location also encourages day trips outside the city. You can hike picturesque Wutong Mountain and explore the Hong Kong Wetlands. Reserve one day of your trip to travel to Hong Kong for a day of shopping and sightseeing along Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong is only 10 miles from Shenzhen.

Business Class Flights and Tianjin Delight Travelers

Business class seats are the perfect choice for travel to Tianjin. - IFlyFirstClass

Tianjin is full of historic, cultural and modern sites. You can visit the Temple of the Queen of Heaven then wander the cultural shops on Guwenhua Jie. Hike the miniature version of the Great Wall of China, the Huangya Pass. Get a thrill on the Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel that sits atop the Yongle Bridge. Explore the relics of the Taku Forts, and discover local history at Tianjin Museum. See Giant Pandas at Tianjin Zoo, play at the local water park and marvel at the container ships arriving at the port. Dule Temple is just outside of Tianjin, a gorgeous architectural vision and World Heritage Site. Tianjin is a big city with 11 million residents, so there are plenty of modern-day activities to enjoy. Kids adore seeing the massive aircraft carrier at the Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park. The Haihe River Bund Park runs alongside the river, offering ample recreational space, public art and scenery. To reach Tianjin’s abundant attractions, book business class deals to Tianjin Binhai International Airport.