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Fly Away to the Jet-Setting City of Zurich

To experience all of the city’s historic and modern highlights, book last minute business class tickets to Zurich. - IFlyFirstClass

Zurich is known for its world-class financial institutions, high-end entertainment and gorgeous location. With all of its glittering amenities and sites, Zurich is a top global destination. The city abounds with history, industry, recreation and entertainment, so you have plenty of activity choices. You could spend a few weeks here and still not visit all of the city’s superb sites. Last minute business class deals help extend your travel budget, leaving you more time and money to spend in Zurich.

One of your first stops should be to the city’s Old Town center. There, you’ll find many attractions worth your time. A guided walking tour of Old Town is a great way to start exploring the area. Some Old Town highlights include:

  • Fraumunster,
  • Grossmunster,
  • Peter’s Church and
  • Muhlesteg Footbridge.

The Limmat and Stihl rivers and Lake Zurich provide ample physical recreation. Lake Promenade is especially inviting with its parks and along the lake pathways. Hiking and jogging on the city’s mountain, Üetliberg, are also popular. 

There are plenty of modern entertainment venues here too. Zurich boasts a dynamic nightlife and fabulous shopping. To experience all of the city’s historic and modern highlights, book last minute business class tickets to Zurich.

Travel Through History at Swiss National Museum

Last minute business class deals take you to time travels through Swiss history at the National Museum. - IFlyFirstClass

While it looks like an old French chateau, the Swiss National Museum is one of the city’s most compelling attractions. With dozens of exhibits, the museum walks you through Switzerland’s history. It beautifully blends political history with cultural customs like chivalry, art, music, craft and religion. You’ll see Swiss 15th-century furnishings and medieval panel paintings. After a few hours browsing through the museum, you’ll leave feeling more connected to the city’s people. 

In all, the museum is home to 840,000 objects spanning prehistory to the 20th century. The gorgeous chateau housing the museum rests on the banks of the Limmat and Sihl rivers. It is surrounded by spectacular gardens and views and abuts Platzspitz Park. You may want to spend a full day exploring the museum and grounds, so book your last minute flights accordingly.

Revel in Masterpieces at Kunsthaus

 Book last minute business class seats to Zurich to experience European masterpieces. - IFlyFirstClass

In a city as beautiful as Zurich, you may be reluctant to spend much time indoors. Make an exception for the fascinating Kunsthaus. This legendary art museum showcases some of the most stellar works of the Swiss masters. These works include Salomon Gessner’s “Idyllen” and paintings by Johann Heinrich Füssli. The museum also houses one of the world’s best collections of Viennese Modernism and many other genres. 

Plan to spend the day here if your return last minute business class tickets allow the time. A pleasant cafe offers mid-visit refreshments, and a lovely garden is on site for relaxation. The museum boasts extensive collections of the Dutch Golden Age, Gothic masters, Flemish paintings and Impressionism. The highlights of the museum’s collections vary according to your own personal preference. Some frequent favorites include:

  • Alberto Giacometti sculptures,
  • Jacob van Ruisdael’s landscapes and
  • Rembrandt and. Manet paintings

Take a Hike Up Lindenhof Hill for a City View

Take last minute flights to Zurich for a peek at the city from the peak of Lindenhof Hill. - IFlyFirstClass

Stretch your legs a little after your last minute business class flight and walk up Lindenhof Hill. The small hill is in the city’s historic center, offering terrific views and incredible history. You’ll find many ancient ruins here, including the city’s 4th-century Roman fort. In medieval times, the location was so prime that Charlemagne’s grandson built his palace here. Through the centuries, the hill remained an important part of Zurich, hosting the signing of the 1789 Helvetic Constitution. 

Today, the hilltop is a peaceful public square, home to friendly chess games and locals seeking green space. It’s also a convenient access point for Zurich’s other attractions. It’s bordered on the west by the popular shopping haven, Bahnhofstrasse. On the south, it borders the lovely Peter Church, and on the east, it leads to the picturesque Limmat. From the hilltop, you’ll have views of:

  • Grossmünster Church,
  • Altstadt,
  • City ,Hall
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
  • Limmat River and
  • University of Zurich.

Grossm√ľnster Defines Zurich‚Äôs Gorgeous Skyline

History, beauty and luxury combine when you book last minute business class tickets to Zurich and visit Grossm√ľnster. - IFlyFirstClass

When your last minute business class flight cruises over Zurich, Grossmünster is probably one of your first sights. Its iconic Romanesque towers are quintessential Zurich, a symbol of the city’s strength, resilience and history. The local folklore is that Charlemagne discovered the remains of the city’s original patrons on this site. To honor patron saints Felix and Regula, he ordered the construction of the church. 

The towers date back to the late 15th century and are just a few of the church’s gorgeous features. Like Lindenhof Hill, Grossmünster has remained a constant in Zurich’s culture through the centuries. Most notably, the church’s leaders launched the Swiss-German Reformation in the early 16th century. While you’re at Grossmünster, here are some interesting things to see and do:

  • Climb the 187 steps to the tower peak,
  • Visit the Reformation Museum and
  • Admire the Sigmar Polke stained glass windows.