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Chinese Adventures Await Your Business Class Flight
Immense, captivating and culturally rich, China is a magnificent travel destination. It boasts some of the world’s biggest cities, most of them along the country’s East Coast. Shanghai has the largest urban population, with 2...
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Beaches Retreats and City Showcases: Book Business Class to the U.S.
The United States is a big, diverse country spanning 2,700 to 2,800 from coast to coast. On the East Coast, you’ll find some of the country’s oldest cities. You’ll also find the country’s most populous city, New York. Affecti...
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Take Taiwan by Storm with Business Class Deals
Once known as the land of Formosa, Taiwan is a beautiful Pacific island nation. The main island holds the country’s largest cities, including Taipei and Tainan. Most of these metropolitan areas are located on the western...
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South Africa's Exciting Attractions Are A First Class Flight Away
On the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is a lively country. Its history is unique, considered the birthplace of humankind. Its extensive history dates back three million years to Australopithecus afric...
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Revel in Kiwi Adventures with Business Class Flights
Say “hello,” or haere mae, to the gorgeous adventures awaiting in the Land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealand, known in Maori as Aotearoa, is famous for its jaw-dropping scenery and adrenaline-inducing recreation. The...
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Search for discounted business class tickets to South Korea today
The Republic of Korea, or South Korea, is a thriving, cosmopolitan country. Its capital, Seoul, operates the world’s fourth largest economy, and it's home to 25 million people. This booming economy encompasses dozens of indus...
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Combine holiday activities with a business class flight to Germany.
A beacon of history, culture, industry and education in Europe, Germany is a top travel destination. Whether you’re fascinated by historic architecture, rich cuisine, exciting recreation or heart-warming traditions, Germany s...
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Business Class to Belgium Blends Luxury with Fun
Beautiful Belgium is a microcosm of what makes Europe so enticing. It boasts incredibly charming medieval cities, exciting modern metropolises and appealing scenic rivers. It holds some of the region’s most important gov...
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First Class Adventures Are On Tap in England
With a history that reaches back thousands of years, England is a treasure trove of attractions. There are so many appealing places to visit in the United Kingdom that it’s tough to choose a manageable few. You could spe...
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Luxuriate in Business Class Seats to Switzerland
Charming villages, glamorous cities and chic Alpine ski resorts make Switzerland a popular destination. Its hundreds of lakes and rivers merely add to the country’s tremendous appeal. Nestled between Italy, France, Austr...
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Business Class Flights to Russia Are the Ultimate Luxury
Gorgeous, vast Russia offers all the delights you could hope for in a travel destination. It has a long and intriguing history, spectacular and unique architecture and incredible cultural contributions. It is home to the imme...
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The Netherlands: First Class Flights and Sights
Famously open-minded and forthright, the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most delightful countries. Its picturesque rivers, canals and waterfront are productive and scenic. They also provide countless opportunities for transpo...
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Business Class to Japan Offers Unique Cultural Experience
Traveling to the exciting Land of the Rising Sun is a goal of many travelers, and it’s easy to understand why. The many islands of Japan offer up experiences to suit just about every interest. There are vast forests and mount...
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Venice is the best of your first stops in Italy. With the best business class flight
Once its own republic governed by a powerful doge, Venice is now one of Italy’s most popular destinations. The city is actually made up of many islands connected by canals and bridges. Opulently built palaces line the city’s...
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Find incredible last minute business class deals to France today
France is an international powerhouse, known for its many cultural and economic contributions to Western civilization. Whether you’re traveling first class to France for business or pleasure, there are many delightful towns w...
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Experiencing Australia Is Worth a Business Class Flight
Australia is a sensational mix of beaches, rainforests, deserts, grasslands, wetlands and coral reefs. This massive island continent also boasts hundreds of breathtaking islands, perfect for a seaside holiday. With the 12th l...
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Relaxing after the long business class flight to Singapore
Perched at the southernmost tip of Malaysia’s mainland peninsula, Singapore is a tropical paradise. The city-state is known for its glamorous shops, world-class entertainment and booming financial markets. It’s also a melting...
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Book Business Class Flight for the Unforgetable Trip to Rome
Famously perched on seven hills, Rome bursts with historic and cosmopolitan delights. If you love art, fashion, religion, architecture, science or history, Rome is the place to be. The early Roman Empire is the origin of many...
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Book First Class Tickets for the Ultimate Trip to New York
The nation’s most populous city, New York has a vibe and a character you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It is home to the world’s leading businesses, stock markets, theaters, media outlets, museums and fashion houses....
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Scenic and Glitzy: Hong Kong and Business Class Flights
With 7.2 million residents, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is known for its vital financial centers, beautiful harbor and numerous skyscrapers. Business is booming in Hong Kong, and it...
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A Royal Copenhagen Trip Begins with Business Class Seats
Denmark is famously the happiest country on earth. Gorgeous cities like Copenhagen are part of the reason for this intense satisfaction. The lively capital city is actually located on the islands of Zealand and Amager and enc...
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Opulent palaces, gleaming temples and bronzed Buddhas make trips to Bangkok special. Call today to book cheap business class tickets.
Bangkok is immense in every way. Its land covers 605 square miles on the Chao Phraya River delta. It’s home to 8 million people, with 14 million people living in the entire metro area. It has been named the most visited city...
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Business Class to Brisbane Leads to Adventure
Nestled between the Great Dividing Range and Moreton Bay, Brisbane is scenic and adventure-filled. The largest city in Queensland, Brisbane is also historic and chic. The city is known for its waterfront skyscrapers, vibrant...
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Take Last Minute Business Class Flights to Tokyo to Shop, Hike
Bustling and modern, historic and scenic, Tokyo is awash in interesting sites. The largest city in Japan, Tokyo is also part of the biggest metropolitan area in the world. With 37 million residents and nearly 20 million visit...
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